Saturday, June 9, 2012

Master Class Durability Names

D1: Primal
D2: Feral
D3: Bestial

D1: Frantic
D2: Intense
D3: Berserk

D1: Braced
D2: Reinforced
D3: Toughened

D1: Eerie
D2: Ghostly
D3: Spectral

D1: Careful
D2: Decisive
D3: Precise

D1: Safeguarding
D2: Fortifying
D3: Barricading

D1: Puncturing
D2: Rupturing
D3: Shattering

D1: Nimble
D2: Keen
D3: Elegant

+20 2h Axe:
D1: 4.1k P.Atk
D2: 5.3k P.Atk
D3: 6.7K P.Atk

Seems Magewall and Shields has their durability names switched. D1 magewalls has D2 names. D2 magewalls has D1 names. D2 shields has D3 names, D3 shields has D2 names. This does not only include the CritPower/Ratio durability, but all durability names are switched. Read more Here.

Thanks Verkade for posting the above info on the forums.

I enjoyed making the below table, which gives a general idea of enchanting rates.
Bottom to Top: ND, D1, D2, MC ND, MC D1, D3, MC D2, and MC D3 comparison.


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