Thursday, October 20, 2011

Talent Point Quests Preview

Three Talent Points (TP) may be obtained from doing three quests after the Quests to become a Master Class. The max number of TP is 5.

Eloim Ciape is killing monsters.
Elenoir the sand protector is collecting mana stones.
Exorcist Jeina is the enchanting to +20 quest. 

Accepting any of the above quests will teleport you to the quest start-location. 

Elenoir the Sand Protector: accpeting it teleports you to Ceriu desert. 

[TP] King of exploration:

Search for and collect 187 points from "mana stones" (they look like cups).

The Mana Stones are spread out so most people just wait at one or two for them to re-spawn. However, only so many points may be collected withing one "zone." The map has zones: The rondo area is a zone. Beyond the Red-Farm but before Crystal Mountain is a zone. The Alter of Dead Spirits and Wolhola Cemetery is a zone. After the 22-24 points have been collected within a zone, a message will appear saying to collect elsewhere in the world.

Different colored Mana Stones give a different number of "points" each:
Red give 9 or 10, respawn = 15min
Blue give 3, respawn = 10 min
Green give 1, respawn = 5min

Thanks [GA]SwatCarbon for making the below map:

For a more complete and precise map see RAD Community's TP guide.

Below are Mana Stones:

Accepting "Elohim Ciape" will teleport you to near the entrance of VI:

[TP] King of Creature #1-1

One Talent Point is awarded for completing a series of quests that involve killing Summoned Bosses near the entrance to Veiled Island (notice the Mini-map). 

The bosses will remain summoned if you give up the quest. Also, make sure that only one person clicks the quest item to summon the boss... everyone in the party should get the quest regardless of who summoned the monster.

The first  5 quests "Creatures of the King" (in the above table) summon a single boss at a time:

First: a t1 monster (pantera, or poultry,...)
Second: a t2 monster
Third: a t3 monster
Fourth: a t4 monster
Fifth: a t5 monster

Look at the number of stars: 2 or less it is relatively easy. 3-4 = really hard. Since a random boss is spawned, it is possible to leave the harder ones and do the easier. Note: to re-summon mobs without giving up the quest; dual some-one to remove the hate buff and allow re-summoning.

[TP] King of Creature #2 must be completed at a different platform (there the bosses are summoned) than the first 5 quests. (Thanks Rad for making the below map)

then you do 2 monsters at once they can both be any tier.
then you do 3 monsters at once they can both be any tier.
then you do 5 monsters at once they can both be any tier.
in the 5 monster spawn its always T2-T6

One Talent Point Quest involves making the following weapon +20 using the "cubes" (blue things) bought from the same NPC. Normal cubes cannot be used.

Enchanting to +20 ten times (using E-Repair) produced the following averages:
+1 to +5 failed once
+5 to +10 failed 3X
+10 to +15 failed 6X
+15 to +20 failed over 15X
E-Repair is allowed, E-Protect is not allowed on the Korean Test server (the USA server may be different).

One person on the Philippine spent 62million to make the quest weapon +20, another spent over 100m and didn't get above +16.

This Rank 1 weapon has the below look:

Taken from Arabic Rappelz.

Special thanks to Keith Urban for assisting with this post. 


  1. Disgusting ... the way they force us to buy e-repairs just to enchant a master class weapon. Nice turn for a free-to-play game. And to make matters worse the new weapon seems to be weaker than the already existing d3 version if iam not mistaken. So most people are gonna enchant it to get the TP and then never use it. Do the weapons at least trigger the set bonuses (e.g. voidwarp)?

  2. The weapon that must be enchanted is Rank 1, which (of course) has no set bonuses.

  3. That kind of quests belongs to trainee island.

  4. I doubt those quests will remain for the final US release. I think that's only for KTS servers.

  5. They are on the Regular Korean, Arabic, and Philippine Rappelz servers.

  6. cost me 33mil to make it on Naga server

  7. its broken at +19 and used 4 e-reps to make it +20 :((

  8. I spent 100 mil and 6 e repair! (usa)

  9. I spent less tan 100m, no e-reps. Just luck.

    I got a bunch to +10, then stopped.

    Then +'d them all 2 at a time. My last one got to +20.

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