Thursday, September 29, 2011

Master Class Weapons

Icon Weapon Name Level 1 Stats Special Bonus
2h Staff Chaos Ancient P.Atk: 505
M.Atk: 950
+40% MP Recovery, +70 Int.
2h Spear Dragon's Loathing P.Atk: 801
M.Atk: 0
+4% P.Atk, +50 Wis.
Dagger Heartcarver P.Atk: 415
M.Atk: 400
+2% M.Atk, +15 Int.
Cross Bow Rubyflame Crossbow P.Atk: 585
M.Atk: 0
+4% Dexterity, +4% Agility
Long Bow Covetous Dragon P.Atk:1169
M.Atk: 0
+6% Dexterity
2h Sword King's Judgement P.Atk: 909
M.Atk: 0
+50% HP Recovery, +50 Vitality, and +50 Strength
2h Mace Minotaur's Fury P.Atk: 987
M.Atk: 585
+15 for all stats except luck

2h Axe Fury of the Titans P.Atk:1001
M.Atk: 346
+15% Crit. Ratio, -30 Crit. Power
1h Axe Taurus Cleaver P.Atk: 612
M.Atk: 266
+8% Crit. Ratio, -15 Crit. Power
1h Mace Dragon Heart P.Atk: 598
M.Atk: 426
+7 for all stats except luck
1h Sword Angel's Bloodletter P.Atk: 534
M.Atk: 0
+25% HP Regen, +20 Vitality, and +20 Strength
1h Staff Royal Kindness P.Atk: 319
M.Atk: 666
+20% MP Recovery, +35 Intelligence
Mage-wall Shield Mask of Mirror P.Atk: 0
M.Atk: 265
+4% Int, +35 Int
Regular Shield Ancient Dragon Shield Block.Def:
Block Perf
+3% Perf. Block, +20% Block Def. 

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Pictures and Special Bonus translations were made available by Slash.


  1. Hi there,

    I'd like to correct your comment on the image which appears in the master class weapons page. First of all, the status window is not of a Master Classs equipment but of the R4 Ashura hunter armor (D3, +20 OE). The status window was published only to show that existing equipments will have the same enchantment bonus, and dura bonus will be altered slightly in epic 7-3.
    Also, it says that Master Class equipments will not have dura bonus at all. I hope this is helpful. PIPER

  2. Thanks, I removed the image.

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