Thursday, September 29, 2011

Master Class Armor

Warrior Armor Male

Warrior Armor Female

Hunter Armor Female (Archer)

Hunter Armor Male (Archer)

Master Class Hunter Armor:

Mage Armor Female (Asura)

WL MC Armor (Thanks AneaMystic for taking this screenshot)

Mage Armor Male (Asura)

Summoner Armor Female

Summoner Armor Male

*pictures used with permission from the producer: Slash


  1. When you say 'master class armor', is it because it's an item you get when you complete the MC quest line? It's not r8 stuff available at lvl 170, right?

  2. Master Class equipment is not Rank 8. I believe it is not given by the quests. Rather it likely must be created from a combination of drop items and a npc (100million ruppie) item.

  3. Oh ok, I first thought it was something like the armor received during Witch quest-line.

    Thanks for the info!

  4. mc armor comes from doing mc quests u also get a timed mc helm

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