Saturday, August 6, 2011

Instant Dungeons (Vulcan)

Instant Dungeons will be added with the release of Epic 7 Part 3. They are intended as a way to get experience quickly without a dungeon party. Junk equipment drops along with essences, cube chips, and the new Vulcan Boss Card. Feathers are not permitted. A disconnection will evict you from the dungeon.

There are three Levels and one Boss Room. Each Level has 4 rooms. Each room has 6 mobs. Clearing the first floor at lvl 150 will give 2.8million exp. At lvl 152 clearing the second floor will give 6million exp. Clearing the entire dungeon (@ lvl 152) will yield 40m EXP, which can be done in under 10 minutes with good pets/gears. The exp per mob is better than champ mobs but slightly less than Hard Core Dungeon mobs. Healing pets are helpful.

The exp is fairly good:

 Instant Dungeons are level specific: like Ursa Caverns.

Only one person may enter each instance of an Instant Dungeon.
(You must solo them)

There are 6 mobs in each of the 12 smaller rooms and one boss in the final room.

How to Enter the Dungeon Vulcan
A price must be paid to enter each room. The items for admission price for each level is as follows:
These items drop from field mobs, which will likely produce an economy for these items.

There are thirteen rooms, which consist of four levels:
Four Lvl 1 rooms
Four Lvl 2 rooms
Four Lvl 3 rooms
and One Lvl 4 (Boss) room

All four level 1 rooms must be cleared before a Level 2 room may be entered.
Mobs do NOT re-spawn.

Next Room Portal:

Vulcan mobs hit like Crystal Mountain Champ mobs:

Vulcan Boss:

The Vulcan has a Boss Card, which is timed (1wk), has the Negative stats -8strenght/-8vitality and has a chance to give the new skill: Grace for a brief period.

Thanks Slash and Blender for uploading the pictures on the Rappelz Forum and RAD Community.

Inside the Lvl 30 dungeon.



Random Entrance:

New Mob Level Icons

The Last mob level icon has yet to be implemented.


  1. yep field mobs

    the drop rate is good for those items


    Ain't that one of the master class quest things you gotta collect? One of the 168? :P

  3. Yeah, I should clarify that better.

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