Wednesday, July 13, 2011

War Kahuna

Left Column:
Blessing of Water1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2Passive: Killing a target within exp range (15lvls) = 16sec HP restore over time on one's self, 142 HP every 3sec.
Tremor Strike1 TP1/1~14k M.At, & 34k P.Atk, Damage skill, CD = 15sec, sorta like spinning blow, Mele weapons only. 
Tremor Strike TrainingJP1/3
Passive:-1sec CD, Casting delay reduced 0.15sec.
Passive:-2sec CD, Casting delay reduced 0.15sec.
Passive:-3sec CD, Casting delay reduced 0.15sec.

Spinning BlowJP20/20Damage Skill: 2.3k M.Atk & 10.4k P.Atk, CD = 10sec.
Blasting Rock CutJP20/20Does ~15k Dmg, stuns target, CD = 40sec.
Circulation AlertnessJP10/10Self-MP-Restore: restores 1800mp every 3sec for 30sec, CD = 1min. 
Nature's HarmonyJP10/10Passive: chance of casting a 2sec hold to enemies (when you attack them?)
Breath of EnergyJP10Passive: +10% Max MP, and +10% MP Recovery.
Endurance TrainingJP10/10Passive: chance (upon killing a target within 15 lvls) to give a 30 sec buff, +120 M.Atk & +120 P.Atk,

Magical Gathering1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2Passive: chance to give a 30sec buff,  +3% Int, when attacking using skills, may stack up to 3X.
Focused Penetration1 TP1/130sec Self-Buff: 100% chance to trigger 10sec de-buff, which gives +20% M. and P. Penetration, may stack 10X. CD=5min
Focused Penetration TrainingJP2/3
Passive: reduces the CD of the above skill by 50sec
Passive: reduces the CD of the above skill by 75sec

Sudden Blow of Crystallized WaterJP10/10Instant Stun (lasts 2sec) and Damage skill (~7.4k P.Dmg, & ~3.7k M.Dmg), CD = 30sec. 
Gravity AmplificationJP15/1517 sec Debuff: -70% Atk.Spd, -70% Move Speed, distance = 5m, CD = 5min.
Shamanic StrikeJP4/4Passive: +4% Luck
Nature's WrathJP10/10Passive: General attacks have a chance to decrease the CD on Gravity Amplification by 1sec.
Mystical HarmonyJP10/10Passive: Player gains a 20% of pet's Strength and Int
Endless FortuneJP10/10Passive: chance to give a 4sec buff, +240 M.Atk & +240 P.Atk, when attacking using skills, may stack up to 5X.

Celestial Guidance1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2Passive: decreases MP cost of all skills by 30%
Celestial Aura1 TP1/130 min AOE Buff: +30 Str, +30 Vit, +30 Agi, +30 Int, +30 Wis, +30 Luk,radius 4m, CD = 15sec.
Celestial Aura TrainingJP2/3Passive:Enhances skill increasing the effectiveness.

Recklessness of FireJP16/1612 sec Self-Buff: +48% P.Atk, -32% P.Def, CD = 3min, 24sec.
Recklessness of ThunderJP16/1612 sec Self-Buff: +? Attack Pwer, Atk SPeed, Resists all lasting effects. Consumes HP and MP during effect. CD = 3min, 24sec.
Recklessness of EarthJP16/1612 sec Self-Buff: Reduces incoming Physical Damage by 80%. CD = 3min, 24sec.
Recklesness of WaterJP16/1612 sec Self-Buff:+36% M.Atk, +50% Cast Speed, decreases P.&M.Def, CD = 3min, 24sec.
Gale of the arc: ConfidenceJP10/1015 sec Self-Buff: +25% Attack Speed (and Cast Speed?), CD = 30sec. 
Mystical ArcJP10/1030sec AOE Party Buff: +30 Atk, Speed, and +30 Cast Speed, Long CD.
Emerald of the AbyssJP10/10Passive: +10 Str, +10, Vit, +10 Agi, +10 Int, +10 Wis.
Speed of The WindJP16/1630min AOE Party Buff: +36 Move Speed, Radius = 4m, CD = 15 sec.
Rock EnergyJP16/1630min AOE Party Buff: +277 P.Def.
Force of Sacred FireJP16/1630min AOE Party Buff: +277 P.Atk, Radius = 4m, CD = 15 sec.

Gaia Racial Buffs
Mental UnificationJP7/7Buff: +2% Crit. Ratio, +5,9 Crit. Power for 30m, CD=15s MP: 385
Marvelous GraceJP7/7Passive: +7% resistance to sleep, petrify, fear
Destiny's StrikeJP7/7Passive: chance +210% P.Atk. after crit. Skill damage

Thanks Blender and Kwon for supplying all of the information available on this page.

Look what Celestial Aura and the Death Tyrant Buff Combine into: Thanks Opti for posting the screenshot.

Left Column: Offense

Middle Column: Support

Right Column: Support


  1. If you are using skilltrees made by other ppl give credits!

  2. Sry Blender, I forgot to mention that you translated the stuff in the tables (currently). My intention was to overwrite them with Kwon's translation, but that will have to wait until after my test tomorrow.