Sunday, June 12, 2011


Left Column: Defense
Icon Name Price Level Description
Worthy Devotion 1 TP
2/2 Passive: Chance while being attacked to cast 10 sec self buff of +8 Evasion, may stack 7X.
Blinding Savior 1 TP 1/1 Ranged Debuff AOE Skill (doesn't need target), 2-4 sec blind,  Hit -100%, radius = 3m, CD = 2min.
Blinding Savior Training JP 3/3 Passive: Reduces CD; -30sec.

Blinding Dust JP 15/15 Blinds target for 7sec; attack/underattack not possible, CD = 40sec. 
Apocalypse of Darkness JP 10/10 Similar to Dark Strike, 5 hits, ~2k dmg per hit, distance 2m, 15sec CD
Fatal Wave JP 11/11 Swords/dirks only: AOE that damages all targets within 15m around caster, 13k dmg, CD = 1min. 
Cross Block JP 9/9 Passive: Change when receiving damage to reducing reduces incoming damage by 2% for 19sec, may stack 5X.
True Devotion JP 10/10 30sec Self-Buff: +30% Evasion, and +30 % HP, can only be achieved when maximum stack of "Worthy devotion" is achieved.  (cloak cancels this skill?) CD=2min 30sec.
Evasion of Impregnable Devense JP 4/4 Passive: 24% of Evasion converts to P.Atk. & 320% of Evasion converts to Max HP. 
Swift Steps JP 10/10 Passive: Increases Movement Speed +15

Middle Column: Cloak Skills/Magic (for dagger Sin)
Icon Name Price Level Description
Dark Sunder 1 TP
2/2 Passive: +6% P.Atk, +6% M.Atk, Ignore P.Def, +15%, Ignore M.Def, +15%.
Assassin's Blade 1 TP 1/1 Dual Wield Only: All Atk, dmg is given a bonus +250% of Magical attack, for 10sec, CD = 2min.
Assassin's Blade Training JP 1/3
Reduces CD by 10sec
Reduces CD by 20sec
Reduces CD by 30sec

Shadow Stab JP 11/11 Jumps out of  cloak, deals a powerful blow (~12k) of damage to target, high chance of a critical hit. CD=1min.
Shadow Crash JP 20/20 Jump out of cloak, stuns target 2 sec, and does some ~17k damage.CD = 1min.
Shadow Wound JP 20/20 Jumps out of cloak, damages target (~18k), Bleeds (-840hp every 3 sec) and applies -70 Accuracy de-buff to target for 15sec.CD = 1min.
Shadow Blinding JP 10/10 Blinds and Holds Target (4 sec) and casts blind on yourself (4 sec): prevents target from running away: hold does not mean you can't attack.
Shadow Magic Strike JP 10/10 Damages Target, CD = 5sec. (this did 90k dmg on ToLS Mob = Spam?)

Right Column: Offense
Icon Name Price Level Description
Advanced Shadow Rush 1 TP
2/2 Passive: Chance to reduce the Cool Down on the skill "Shadow Rush" by 36sec, upon killing a target within exp range (15 lvls).
Assassin Storm Impact 1 TP 1/1 Gives additional attack with 100% chance when wearing dual Swords/Dirk (Uber Assassins Impact), Duration = 30 seconds. CD = 2min.
Assassin Storm Impact Training JP 3/3 Passive: Enhances Skill increasing the performance.

Shadow Rush JP 7/7 Dashes to the target, stuns it for 3.1sec, damages it ~7k, and holds caster in place unable to move for 0.3sec, CD = 45sec.
Assassins Impact JP 8/8  54% probability of attacking twice with dual swords/dirks, 10min Buff, 10min Cool Down
Extreme Tortion of Rage JP 10/10 Self-Buff: Raises threat level to the monsters around drawing them all to you, CD = 20sec.
Reign of Terror JP 10/10 Passive: Builds Players Resistance to Fear: resistance = 25%.
Impact of god JP 4/4 Passive: Chance of self-buff activating when attack is successfully evaded, "Assassin Storm Impact" is given, Proc chance increases with increasing skill level, For 1 second "Impact of god" is active.
Cunning Assassin JP 10/10 Passive: Auto-attacking triggers up to stage 3 debuff, which decreases Physial&Magical Accuracy:
Stage 1: -3PAcc / -3 MAcc
Stage 2: -6PAcc / -6 MAcc
Stage 3: -9PAcc / -9 MAcc

Asura Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Spud Of Sage JP 7/7 Buff: +7 Atk./Cast Spd. for 30m, CD=15s
MP: 385
JP 7/7 passive: 140% of  Evasion added to max HP

Thankyou Kwon for translating the above skills (in the following videos).

Left Column: Offense

Middle Column: Stealth/Magic

Right Column: Offensive Path

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