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Battle Summoner Master Class = OverLord

Left Column: Pet Skills
Icon Name Price Level Description
Permanent Dual Summon 1 TP
Per Lvl
Toggle: Consumes 880MP/5sec
Toggle: Consumes 550MP/5sec, CD = 15sec.
Miracle of Resuscitation 1 TP 1/1 All creatures in Party regens 4% of max HP & MP per tick for 30 sec. Range 15m, Duration 30sec, CD=3min
Miracle of Resuscitation Training JP 3/3 Increases effectiveness of above skill.

Master Support JP 10/10 Toggle: +10% Attack and Cast Speed, CD=15sec, MP: 280, Upkeep = 25MP per 5sec.
Bloody Arrow JP 30/30 Shoots 8 arrows of 2k dmg each, Pet loses 1800 HP, CD=2m
MP: 676
Lion's Claw JP 20/20 Pet Buff: +44% Crit. % for 20s, CD=3m
MP: 430
Bearer of the Mark: Gilgamesh JP 10/10 Passive: Pets get +30% of their base Str. and Int.
Creature Breeding JP 16/16 Passive: summoned creatures gain 80% EXP, while pets in formation gain 16% EXP

Middle Column: Mage Path
Icon Name Price Level Description
Extreme Training Intelligence 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: +10% Int./level
Blasting Fire 1 TP 1/1 AOE 3 sec stun, 57k damage, CD=15sec
Blasting Fire Strengthening JP 1/3 enhances above skill

Major Fire Arrow JP 10/10 28k damage, CD=.6 sec
Life Leach JP 20/20 8k damage, HP recovery = 70% of dmg , CD=40sec
Nightmare JP 20/20 Sleep for 12s, CD=30s MP: 430
Hallmark of Intelligence: Gilgamesh JP 10/10 Passive: Creatures gain +60% of Base Int.
Speedy Spell JP 9/9 Passive: +18% Cast-speed
Master Aura of Halisha JP 10/10 Toggle: +13 Str, Vit, Agi, Int, Wis, Dex  +10 Luck CD= 15s MP: 1050, Upkeep: 61 MP per 5s

Right Column: Mele Path
Icon Name Price Level Description
Double Impact Training 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: Lowers CD on "Double Impact" by 10 sec.
Extreme Mana 1 TP 1/3 Attack (Dirk only), 100% of current MP is reflected as additional damage, DOT, consumes 100% of current MP, CD=1min.
Extreme Mana Training JP 3/3 Every level lowers CD on "Extreme Mana" by 5 seconds.

Dark Strike JP 30/30 3 attacks, 7.2k per atk, CD=30sec
Sharp Gatling Dagger JP 10/10 8 attacks, 3.6k per atk, CD=1min
Might of the Underworld JP 9/9 Char gets +29%Str & Vit, Pets get -29% Str & Vit. CD=3s MP: 411, Upkeep: 16MP/5s
Battle Alertness JP 10/10 +20 Evasion and +20 Move Speed of Creature
Imprint Stamp: Gilgamesh JP 10/10 Passive: Creature gains +60% Strength.
Double Impact JP 5/5 35% chance of an additional attack (dirk only) for 7min, CD=10m
MP: 150
Creature Mastery JP 30/30 Passive: Increases Combat Ability of Summoned Creatures.

Last 2 Icons:
Icon Name Price Level Description
 HP Buff JP 7/7  Adds same number of HP as char has evasion
Asura Buff JP 7/7  +3.9 Attack and Cast Speed (party buff/target-able)

Sources: Battlemetaller (thankyou for translating)
Pet Column:

Mage Column:

Mele COlumn:

Missed Petclass Column Skill: AOE pet heal

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