Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Master Breeder

Left Column: Healing/Pet Path
Icon Name Price Level Description
Infinite Bearer 1 TP
per lvl
Permanent Dual Summon toggle: 880MP for every 5sec 
Permanent Dual Summon toggle: 550MP for every 5sec (E7P3=more base MP regen).
Breeder Healing 1 TP 1/1 15 sec Self-Buff: +30% M.Atk, +200%HP Recovery, CD=3min.
Breeder Healing Training JP 1/3
Passive: reduces CD by 15sec
Passive: reduces CD by 30sec
Passive: reduces CD by 45?sec

Minor Healing Wave JP 10/10 Heal that travels from one target to another up to 4 times: 900HP recovered total, HP recovery reduce 20% every, Distance 4m, CD=1min.
Creature Restoration JP 20/20 12sec Heal Over Time, ~1200HP Recovered every 2sec, CD=80sec
Noble Creature Restoration JP 10/10 Party Pet AOE Heal, radius 8m, 12 sec restoration, ~950HP every 2sec, CD=30sec.
Strengthen Legs JP 10/10 Creature Buff: +25 Move Speed, duration 30min, CD = 15 sec.
Creature Mastery JP 30/30 Passive: Increases Combat Ability of Summoned Creatures.

Middle Column: Mage Path
Icon Name Price Level Description
Magic Swamp 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: When spell crits, chance to Self-Buff: 10sec of +280 M.Atk, Crit Ratio +2%. Buff can stack 5X.
Major Ice Spear 1 TP 1/1 10sec. Debuff (Move Speed -50%) and DOT (~13k dmg every 2sec), CD = 6sec.
Major Ice Spear Training JP 1/3
Passive: Reduces CD by 0.5sec.
Passive; Reduces CD by 1.0sec.

Major Energy Beat JP 10/10 ~13k atk, CD=0.6sec
Acid Spray JP 30/30 18sec Debuff (-1170 P.Def. and -1170 M.Def) and DOT (~500 dmg every 5 sec), CD = 45sec.
Flash JP 20/20  ~6k Atk and Debuff (-40 Accuracy)
Magic and Body of Eternity JP 10/10 Passive: M.Atk. increases by 50% of Intelligence & P.Def increases by 50% of Vitality
Magic Void of Conflict JP 10/10 Passive: Chance to Debuff Attackers (10sec. of -10% M.Def.)
Boom of Intelligence and Health JP 10/10 Passive: +10% Intelligence, +5% Vitality.
Creature Breeding JP 16/16 Passive: EXP gained by summoned creatures = 80%, EXP for pets in formation = 16%

Icon Name Price Level Description
Creature Rapid Treatment 1 TP
per lvl
2/2 Creature Buff Toggle: Chance to increase attack speed and cast speed by 30% when this effect is granted, 3mp consumed every 5sec. CD = 3sec.
Creature Alchemy 1 TP 1/1 Passive: Converts a 12% of a creature's Max HP into P.Atk. and 8% of a creature's Max MP into M.Atk.
Creature Alchemy JP 1/3

Converts a 13% of creature's Max HP into P.Atk. and 8.66% of a creature's Max MP into M.Atk.
Converts a 14% of a creature's Max HP into P.Atk. and 9.32% of a creature's Max MP into M.Atk. 

Pass Damage JP 16/16 Spell where creature takes damage in place of Caster, consumes MP continuously.
Resistance Mastery JP 6/6 100% Probability to: Reduce Physical damage by 19%, Skill damage by 38%, and Magical Damage by 19%, Lasts 30min, CD = 3sec.
Master Boost JP 4/4 Creature Buff: +8.4 Str, +8.4 Vit, +8.4 Int, and +8.4 Wis.     +45 P.atk,+45 M.atk, +45 P.def, +45 M.def.  duration 30min, CD = 5sec. Doesn't stack with Master Support
Master Support JP 10/10 Toggle: +6 Str, +6 Vit, +6 Int, +6 Wis, +30 P.atk, +30 M.atk, +30 P.def, +30 M.def, consumes 22mp/5sec, CD = 3sec. Doesn't Stack with Master Boost
Owners Stamp Maestro JP 10/10 Creature Gains +25% of Breeder's Strength, +25% of Breeder's Intelligence
Enhanced Physical Abilities JP 10/10 Passive: Increase creature's MAX HP +10% and MAX MP +10%

Deva Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Minor Restoration JP 5/7
+11.3 P. & M. Accuracy
Buff: +14.4 P. & M. Accuracy, duration = 30m, CD = 15s
MP: 385
Force of Nature JP 7/7 Heal Over Time: 2% of max HP per tick for 17s, CD=10m
MP:  565

Thanks Kwon for translating this stuff from Korean!

Left Coulumn

Middle Column:

Rappelz Epic 7 Part 3 [KTS]: Master Breeder (Maestro) Skill Tree: Mage Path (Part 2) from Kwonaiden on Vimeo.

Right Column:

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