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The Information on this page has been updated since the Master Class "re-balancing" on the KTS.

Left Column: Spiracles
Icon Name Price Level Description
Final Deadly Attacks 1 TP
1 TP
Passive: When target is low on HP (below 20% HP for all races) the chance of a critical hit increases (100%)
Spiracle Essence 1TP 1 10 sec Self Buff: +15% P.Atk. Spiracles are not consumed when used.  2 min cool down.
Spiracle Essence Training JP 3 Reduces the cooldown on Spiracle Essence by 5 secs.

Double Shot JP 9 Shoot 4 arrows at once, 13k dmg per shot, CD=30 sec
Archery Training JP 30 Passive: +224 P.Atk, +15 Atk. Spd.
Resonance Shockwave JP
Consumes 3 spiracles to shoot an arrow that stuns target and nearby enemies (within 4m) for 3.8sec. CD=3min.
Spiracle Enchantment JP 10 Passive: Chance to not consume spiracles when using spiracle skills.
Cells of Nature's Force JP 6 Passive: 6% chance of gaining a spiracle upon attacking.
Freeze Armor JP 10 Passive: Chance to freeze target for 3 seconds when being attacked (this isn't very clear)

Middle Column: Buff + Passives
Icon Name Price Level Description
Aura of Flowing Mana 1 TP
1 TP
Passive: Regenerates a % of your MP for every target killed. MP Regen lasts 10 secs at lvl 2
Archer Blessing 1TP 1 Party Buff (like healer buffs): +8% Dexterity & _8% Agility - lasts 30 min. CD = 15 sec
Archer Blessing Training JP 3 Increases Dex and Agility Performance per level.

Steel Cage JP 20  Immobilizes you, and shoots 15 arrows (a lot faster), damage spread over target and nearby enemies... 16k dmg/shot, CD 30 sec.
Heat Shot JP 30 Quick shot that does 25k damage and 41sec DOT, CD=20 sec.
Spiracle Shock JP
Consumes a Spiracle to damage, knock back 7m, and stun target (4s).
Freezing Arrow JP 20 Shoots a Spiracle that damages and freezes target for 9 sec, CD=1.5min
Archery Spirit JP 10 Passive: P.Atk. increases by 6% of Dexterity and 12% of Agility.
Mental Discipline JP 4 Passive: +7% Agility & +7% Dexterity

Right Column: Coming Soon!
Icon Name Price Level Description
Deadly Spiracle Charge 1 TP
1 TP
Passive: lvl 2 = 4% chance of increasing the number of spiracles gained per charge, when attacked.
True Spiracle Charge 1TP 1 Summons all spiracles and recovers a large amount of HP and MP. CD = 2min.
True Spiracle Charge Training JP 3 Passive: Reduces cooldown on True Spiracle Charge by 10sec/level (lvl3=-30sec)

Energy Charge JP 10 Consumes Spiracles to Refill HP and MP. Higher the level, the more spiracles consumed, and HP/MP restored. CD = 1min, 30sec.
Spiracle of Vitality JP 10 Self Buff: Consumes spiracles to increase max HP. duration = 10min. CD = 5min.
Spiracle of Dexterity JP 10  Self Buff: +40 Dexterity, Duration 10min, CD = 5 min
Spiracle of Agility JP 10  Self Buff: +40 Agility, Duration 10min,  5 min CD
Essence of Steel JP 9 Consumes Spiracles to reduce 77% of incoming damage for 12sec. (at lvl 9) CD = 10min.
Mysterious Energy JP 9 Self Buff: Consumes 3 Spiracles to give 30sec buff, which recovers ~850HP per critical hit. CD = 10min.
Spiracle Mastery JP 10 Passive - increases the max number of spiracles (to 10)

Gaia Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Mental Unification JP 7/7 Buff: +2% Crit. Ratio, +5,9 Crit. Power for 30m, CD=15s MP: 385
Marvelous Grace JP 7/7 Passive: +7% resistance to sleep, petrify, fear
Destiny's Strike JP 7/7 Passive: chance +210% P.Atk. after crit. Skill damage

GZ IcedSoul on the following Video:

Thanks Battlemetaler for making the following videos and translating them: the 1st half are skill trees - skip half way through to see the skills in action.

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