Friday, June 10, 2011

Void Mage

Left Column: Damage + Passives

Icon Name Price Level Description
Dark Apostle 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: ignore 20% M.Def. +20% M.Penetration.
Worthy Prayer 1 TP 1/1Passive: when attacking, chance to reduce target's magical defense (-12% M.Def) and move speed (-18% Move Speed), may stack 3X
Worthy Prayer Training JP 1/3Passive: Enhances skill, Increasing the performance.

Spell Breaker JP 11/1188% Chance to Cancel Targets Casting and 100% chance to Silence, cool down = 40sec
Darkness Arrow JP 20Strong M.Atk Skill - 8 hit skill - ~7.2k dmg per hit, cool down = 1min
Life Leach JP 20/20Damages target (~8.5k dmg), and absorbs 70% of damage as HP:
Level 20 life leach does 1.75 times as much damage as level 10.
Dark Tentacles JP 10/10Attacks (~7k dmg) and Holds target for: 2 seconds at level 1; 4 seconds at level 10.
Vampire Aura JP 10/10 Passive: ~0.3% chance of recovering damage dealt as hp. (if only Vampire Sucker the octo buff worked on magic!)
Silent Endurance JP 10/10 Passive: 80% resistance to silence effect.
Heed of Conjuror JP 4/4  Self-buff: +25 M.Atk for the next spell within 15s, CD = 10min, MP: 300 

Middle Column: Damage!
Icon Name Price Level Description
Aurora's Mana Fortitude 1 TP
2/2 Passive: +10% Max MP, 2%of Max MP coverts into M.Atk.
Chain Lightning (Ping Pong) 1 TP 1/1 Shoots a ball of lightning that can bounce and hit up to 5 unique targets, ~30.6k dmg, -20% atk per bounce, distance = 5m. (Last video on this page)
Chain Lightning Training JP 1/3
Passive: Reduces CD by 0.4sec, -17% atk per bounce
Passive: Reduces CD by 0.4sec, -14% atk per bounce
Passive: Reduces CD by 0.4sec, -11% atk per bounce

Major Fire
JP 10/10 does ~31.5k dmg, CD = 0.6sec, Takes ~3x as long to cast as regular fire arrow, does ~3x as much damage.
Fire Ball JP 30/30 Damages the target (~15k dmg) and applies a  9sec DOT (13k dmg/tick, 1 tick every 2sec)
JP 11/11 27 sec AOE that fears targets (within an 8m radius for 6 seconds at a time) and damages targets (300 dmg), CD = 10 min.
Spirit of Fire JP 10/10 Increases damage to all Fire based spells +30 M.Atk, Duration = 1min, 20sec, CD = 5min
Mana Crystalization JP 10/10 Passive: 10% of M.Atk, is added to HP and MP recovery.
Wisdom of Salamander JP 10/10 Self-Buff: up to 50% of players Int. is converted into damage on all property attacks, duration 30min, CD = 15sec.

Right Column: Support

Icon Name Price Level Description
Transcending the Flow of Time 1 TP
2/2 Passive: chance to reduce all damage magic skills cool-down, -5sec (instant cast major FA?)
Master of Time 1 TP 1/1 Resets all cool downs on attack skills: CD = 30min (I can't wait to use Meteor-Shower for 54 seconds strait!)
Master of Time Training JP 1/3 Passive: Reduced CD, -225 sec (or 3min 45sec)          Passive: Reduced CD, -450 sec (or 7min 45sec)        Passive: Reduced CD, -675 sec (or 11min 15sec)

Magic Skin JP 7/7 5 min buff that decreases 35% of HP damage by consuming the same amount of MP. 5 min CD
Neutralize Magic JP 7/7 5 min buff that decreases 36% of HP damage by consuming the same amount of MP. 5 min CD
JP 10/10  ~31.5k dmg, CD = 0.6sec, MP: 246
Spirit of Lightning JP 10/10 Increases damage to all Lightning spells for 1min 20 sec, +30 M.atk, CD = 5min.
Wind Weapon JP 10/10 AOE Buff: +10% Attack Speed & +10% Cast speed, Duration = 30min, Radius = 4m, CD = 15sec.
Dark Might JP 20/20 AOE Buff: increases the damage of basic and skill attacks (+196 dmg to basic attacks, +392 to all skill attacks), Radius = 4m, Duration = 30min, CD = 15sec.
Haste of Conjuror JP 5/5 Self-Buff: Allows all spell to be cast instantly for 7.5sec CD = 10min. 

Asura Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Spud Of Sage JP 7/7 Buff: +7 Atk./Cast Spd. for 30m, CD=15s
MP: 385
JP 7/7 passive: 140% of  Evasion added to max HP

Thanks Kwon and OmegaStarScream for translating the above info from Korean, and making the following vidoes. Thanks Blender for making the (top) skill-tree image after the KTS skill re-balancing.

Left Column: Damage

Middle Column: Offense

Right Column: Support

Master Class Armor: (Thanks AneaMystic for posting the pic)

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