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Left Column: Healing
Icon Name Price Level Description
Magic Restoration 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: +40% MP Recovery
Healing Wave 1 TP 1/1 Heal that travels from one person to the next, Travels 4 times, ~14k HP recovered, 20% less Hp is recovered every bounce, distance 10m, heal can be stacked, CD = 6 sec.
Healing Wave Training JP
 CD            Bounce Reduces HP        Number of Travels     
-1.5 sec                16%                                   5 
-1.5 sec                12%                                   6
-1.5 sec                 8%                                    7

Restoring Purified Water JP 30/30 16 sec Heal Over Time: 1k HP every tick, 1 tick every 3 sec, CD = 1.5 sec.
Spirit of Restoration JP 30/30 Continuously restores the HP of allies around the target: HP recovery 325, Duration 10 sec, Distance 15m, CD = 3min.
Spirit of Salvation JP 10/10 Heal: ~2.5k HP, single target, CD = 2sec.
Great Apostle Half JP 10/10 Passive: CD reduced on Petrifying Skills -6sec per lvl
Increase Discipline JP 4/4 Passive: +7% Int, +7% Wis
Support of the Blessed Spirits JP 10/10 Passive: Reduced Spirit of Restoration CD by -10sec.

Middle Column: Magic Path
Icon Name Price Level Description
Mortal Magic Burst 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: Increases M.atk. by 150% of Int.
Power of all Earth and Fire 1 TP 1/1 16 sec DOT ~7k Earth and ~7k Fire dmg per tick, 1 tick every 3 sec.
Power of all Earth and Fire Training JP 2/3 Passive: Increases Damage of skill

Explosion of Petrification JP 20/20 13 sec DOT (~6.2k dmg/tick, 1 tick every 3sec) and Chance of petrification (13sec), petrified target can be attacked. CD = 30sec.
Scorching Flame JP 20/20 16 sec. DOT: ~3.7k dmg/tick, 1 tick every 3 sec.
Chain Sickle-Strike JP 10/10 damages target (~4.4k P.Atk, and ~6.4k M.atk.) and applies 13 sec De-buff (-30% Move Speed)
Intelligences Unity JP 10/10 Passive: Player Gains 30% of Creatures Int. and Wis.
Nature and Combat Sorcery JP 10/10 Passive: +100 P.Atk, and +100 M.Atk.
Sealing Void JP 10/10 Passive: 100% Resistance to all seals
Glorious Touch of God JP 10/10 Passive: 1% of Max MP is converted into P.atk, and M.atk.
Natural Sorcery JP 30/30 Passive: +160 M.atk, of player

Icon Name Price Level Description
Celestial Guidance 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: -30% MP consumption on all skills
Celestial Aura 1 TP 1/1 Buff: Increases all stats of all players within a 4m radius, duration 30min: +30 Str, +30 Vit, +30 Agi, +30 Int, +30 Wis, +30 Luck. CD = 15sec.
Celestial Aura Training JP 2/3 Enhances skill increasing effectiveness.

Enchant Weapon: Fire JP 16/16 Self-Toggle: +528 Fire damage to all basic attacks, 17MP/5sec. CD = 15sec.
Enchant Weapon: Water JP 16/16 Self-Toggle: recovers 640 MP per basic attack. 17MP/5sec. CD = 15sec.
Enchant Weapon: Lightning JP 16/16 Self-Toggle: 5% chance to stun target for 2sec while using basic attacks, 17MP/5sec. CD = 15sec.
Enchant Weapon Earth JP 16/16 Self-Toggle: Applies a 12sec poison with every basic attack, 17MP/5sec. CD = 15sec.
Flurry of the Arc JP 10/10 Self-Buff: +25% Atk. Spd. for 15sec.
Mystical Arc JP 10/10 30 sec. Party Buff: +30 Atk. Spd. and +30 Cast Spd.
Breath of Energy JP 10/10 Passive: +10% Max MP, +10% MP Recovery.
Speed of the Wind JP 16/16 +36 Move Speed for 30 min, Radius 4m, CD = 15sec.
Rock Energy JP 16/16 +277 P.Def. for 30min, Radius 4m, CD = 15sec.
Force of Sacred Fire JP 16/16 +277 P.Atk. for 30min, Radius 4m, CD = 15sec.

Gaia Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Mental Unification JP 7/7 Buff: +2% Crit. Ratio, +5,9 Crit. Power for 30m, CD=15s MP: 385
Marvelous Grace JP 7/7 Passive: +7% resistance to sleep, petrify, fear
Destiny's Strike JP 7/7 Passive: chance +210% P.Atk. after crit. Skill damage

Image of "Power of All Earth and Fire" (middle column 2nd row).

Thanks Kwon for translating the info in the above tables and making the following videos:

Left Column: Heals

Middle Column: Magic Path

Right Column: Support

Stats with staff:

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