Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Epic 7 Part 3 Ascension

E7P3 is Expected on the US servers in November of 2011.

Updates will include:

Some Regions such as Arabic and Korean Rappelz already have this update live.

Hard Core dungeon mobs will have more P.Atk, Lower HP, Deadly Skills, and boss skills will have a CD of 30s instead of 60seconds. D3 will drop more often. Teh Espoir Dungeon (Vault of Lies) will drop D3.

The 6k ruppie item that looks like an old coffee grinder may be combined with any dura armor (or equip?) to give essences. 

R2 armor + 6k item = 11 Concentrated Power

The 100 million item is used to make new equipment such as the new Master Class Armors and the Master Class Weapons

New Boss Card: Vulcan       TIMED = 1wk
Drops from new dungeon.
chance to trigger a self buff upon attacking target, it will give a 15% increase to the pet xp for 15 seconds 

Old Boss Card (HP leech one) gets nerfed: procs less often

New Skill Card Icons!!

Racial Buffs: R6s only get 5/7, while master classes have access to all 7 levels of these buffs.

Deva Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Minor Restoration JP 5/7
+11.3 P. & M. Accuracy
Buff: +14.4 P. & M. Accuracy, duration = 30m, CD = 15s
MP: 385
Force of Nature JP 7/7 Heal Over Time: 2% of max HP per tick for 17s, CD=10m
MP:  565

Asura Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Spud Of Sage JP 7/7 Buff: +7 Atk./Cast Spd. for 30m, CD=15s
MP: 385
JP 7/7 passive: 140% of  Evasion added to max HP

Gaia Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Mental Unification JP 7/7 Buff: +2% Crit. Ratio, +5,9 Crit. Power for 30m, CD=15s
MP: 385
Marvelous Grace JP 7/7 Passive: +7% resistance to sleep, petrify, fear
Destiny's Strike JP 7/7 Passive: chance +210% P.Atk. after crit. Skill damage

Not all Pvp is nerfed!

Maybe this is why!!!

Pvp is nerfed in general because the Koreans were pking all foreigners who tried to complete the Master Class Quests. However there is supposed to be a less-sever reduction in pvp damage.

Raise or lower the passive level according to the rank of mobs you are attacking.

Expanded Creature Formation

Three Pet Slots in Creature Formation for Non-Petclasses!
(and 10 second dual summon)
Racial Buffs
Each Race Gets its own buff. More about them is at the bottom of this post.

New Map UI

New Quest Icons

New Sound Track

New Auction House UI 
(allows checking JPs used on pets)
(Right Click on a pet in the auction house to see how it is skilled)

New Map Interface

New Mobs

New Skill Tree User Interface

Many Existing Skills will CHANGE!
(2nd Job Change Skills will become less powerful in general)

New Skills

The Above table says the same thing as the below table (in Korean)

Below is the new Lunachip Passive Skill
500 chip cost 55,250 ruppies
1000 chip cost 110,500 ruppies

Each chip weights 0.1

More About the Grace Skill:
The Grace Skill lasts one hour, and has a 24 hr cooldown.

Cash Shop Items to be added:

Two 28 day earrings: +44 Atk. Spd and the other +44 Cast Spd.
They look like the Crit % earrings given at the red-farm quests.

Icon Name Price Level Description
CS any Buff like HV:
reduces enemy's defense by half (for everyone)
auto-chips any amount of monsters that attack
CS any Buff like HV:
reduces enemy's attck/skill damage by half (for everyone)
 auto-chips any amount of monsters that attack
TP Random Box CS any
Gives anywhere from 1 to 10 of these (above). 10 are required to make one TP skill card. 

CS MC Resets the NPC price of resetting TP 

CS MC Resets Talent Point (TP) like the NPC does.

Thankyou RAD Community, Slash, SinPact (videos), and Rappelz Studio (on facebook) for posting this information.


  1. wow so many things! I hope i get a new power supply soon :o

  2. Aside from the map (Alt+M) interface, have the map or mob position been modified?

  3. I heard a rumor that city of ruins will get bigger - more like Horizon/Lasky/Katan.

  4. Oh ok, so there's not much of a change there. Thanks!