Friday, June 3, 2011

Cube Pet! (Golem)

Staged Golem

Tier 5 Pet

Range M.atk pet
lvl 10 Unity + 260 p def 
Huge amount of HP, Has a Heal

Thanks Azerwrath for the above screenshot!

Cubes are also found in the dungeon "Sacrilege."

More will be added here as it becomes available

Thankyou Blender from RAD Community for posting the below pictures:

Thanks Blender for Posting the Below Skill Tree:




  1. can we get the e.cube card from altar?

  2. I asked this question on the forums:

    The e-cube will be available from the alter.

    However, there is a chance that it might not be available as soon as e7p3 comes out - only the Unicorn and Nightmare pets had a delay like I am describing.

  3. seems like a t3 pet for me instead of a t6.. meeh compagin that pet with the mighty White Dragon or the deadly Death Tyrant.... just insulting...

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