Monday, June 27, 2011

Beast Master

This page has been updated since the KTS re-balancing of Master Classes. 

Left Column: Creature Path
Icon Name Price Level Description
Infinite Bearer 1 TP
Per Lvl
Toggle: Permanent Dual Summon, 880mp every 5sec, Toggle: Permanent Dual Summon, 550mp every 5sec, CD = 15sec
Forbidden Fusion of Life 1 TP 1/1 20 min fusion of the pet and their Master to increase Max HP and MP along with +30% Str, and +30% Int.
Forbidden Fusion of Life Training JP 2/3 Passive: Enhances skill increasing the effectiveness

Wave Cut JP 20/20 Dual Axe Skill: Ranged Attack (~12.3k dmg.), 4 attacks, distance 5m, CD = 45sec.
Howling Threat JP 10/10 High chance of fearing all classes (for 9 sec.) except humanoids, CD = 30sec.
Wild Energy JP 10/10 Passive:Player receives 30% less damage from Beast types
Insight: Essence of Vitality JP 10/10 Passive: HP Recovery +500% while in Harmony of Life form, Beast disguise Form, or Forbidden Fission of Life form.
Creature Mastery JP 30 Passive: Increases Combat Ability of Summoned Creatures

Middle Column: Offense
Icon Name Price Level Description
Sharp Bestial Instincts 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive; Chance to apply -540 P.Def. De-buff (10 sec)
Cunning Insight 1 TP 1/1 Passive: Chance upon attacking to cast a 10sec self-buff; +200 P.Atk, +1% Crit%, +3 Crit Power, (May Stack 5X)
Cunning Insight Training JP 2/3 Enhances skill, Improving the performance.

Ferocious Beast JP 10/10 30sec Self Buff: +2000 P.Atk, +10 Crit%, +30 Crit. Power, Applies 30 sec Debuff to target (-70% Move Speed) CD = 1 (min?)
Log Split JP 30/30 Damages (~10.9k dmg) and Debuffs (-270 P.Def.) Target for 10 sec.
Beast Shockwave JP 9/9 Ranged Attakc skill, single target, ~4.2k dmg, stuns target for 3.7 sec, CD = 50sec.
Spinning Blow JP 20/20 Damages Target (~3.7k M.Atk, ~13.5k P.Atk.), CD = 20sec.
Paragon of Anger JP 9/9 Increases the Attack Speed of you and your pets for 16.5 sec: +47% Atk. Speed increase. CD = 10min.
Fighter's Combat Skill JP 30/30 Passive: Increases Physical attack when equipping axes, +190 P.atk, and +5Atk, Speed.

Right Column: Support
Icon Name Price Level Description
Bestial Fury 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: +25 Atk. Spd, +25 Cast Spd, +25 Move Speed.
Blessing of the Beast 1 TP 1/1 Party Buff: +75 Luck for all players AND creatures within the radius (4m), 30min duration, CD = 15sec,
Blessing of the Beast Training JP 2/3 Passive: Increases amount of luck from buff

Creatures of all: 4-Leaf Clover JP 10/10 Creature Toggle: +30% Luck to the creature, 20mp/5sec, CD = 30sec.
Anger of the Wind JP 20/20 Buffs Player and Creature: +45% P.&M.Atk, Increasese Magical resistance: +90% Non-elemental, +90% Water, +90% Fire, +90% Earth, +90% Wind, +90% Holy, +90% Darkness, CD = 5min
Unlimited Physical Force JP 10/10 Passive: Player gains 20 % of their creature's Str, Vit, and Int.
Owner's Stamp: Nachal JP 10/10 Passive: 35% of Master's Strength and 35% of the Master's Intelligence goes to the pet.
Creature Breeding JP 16/16 Passive: Exp gained by summoned creature =  80%, Exp gained by creatures in formation = 16%
Power of Sophisticated Beast JP 10/10 Passive:Players Creature gains +30% M.Atk.
Beast Disguise JP 20/20 Transforms the Player into their creature, incresing the Players Movement Speed for 11min, 40sec, CD = 15min.

Gaia Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Mental Unification JP 7/7 Buff: +2% Crit. Ratio, +5,9 Crit. Power for 30m, CD=15s MP: 385
Marvelous Grace JP 7/7 Passive: +7% resistance to sleep, petrify, fear
Destiny's Strike JP 7/7 Passive: chance +210% P.Atk. after crit. Skill damage

Thanks Kwon and Omega for translating the information in the above skill tables.

Left Column: Creature Path

Middle Column: Offense

Right Column: Suport

Omega's Vidoes

Dmg Test

1st and 2nd rows

3rd Row

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