Monday, June 13, 2011


Left Column: Offensive
Icon Name Price Level Description
Mask of Magic 1 TP
1 TP
Passive: lvl 2 = +5% M.Atk. +10% Magic Penetration
Archmage Charge 1 TP/level 3/3 Passive: when attacking a target within 15lvls, chance to trigger 10sec self-buff, which restores 20mp every 2sec.
Rainbow Light Training JP 1/3 Passive: Reduces skill CD by 0.4 sec

Major Energy Beat JP 1010 ~16k dmg, CD = 0.6sec.
Shining Buster JP 20/20 9 hit skill, ~4k dmg/hit, CD = 3min.
Divine Nova JP 20/20 AOE 3sec stun, ~14k dmg, CD = 15min
Rainbow Light JP 10/10 Targetable AOE (4m): Rainbow bounces from target to target damaging each in turn. Hits up to 7 mobs. ~9.7k dmg/mob. CD = 5min.
Blessing of Intelligence JP 16/16 +48 Int. +240 M.Atk  lasts 30min
Blessing of Strength JP 16/16 +48 Str. +240 P.Atk.  lasts 30min

Middle Column: Crowd Control
Icon Name Price Level Description
Magical Blackhole 1 TP
1 TP
Passive: Increases damage +441 for advanced cold bolt, frozen snare, and frost spear.
Advanced Cold Bolt 1 TP 1/1 ~24k Damag, 1.6k per tick DOT, and debuffs target -25% Move Speed, chance for debuff to stack up to 3X, CD=4sec.
Advanced Cold Bolt Training JP 1/3
Passive: reduces cooldown by 0.4sec
Passive: reduces cooldown by 0.8sec
Passive: reduces cooldown by 1.2?sec

Snow Slide JP 11/11 18sec, AOE Seal +~2k dmg, CD = 15min.
Frost Spear JP 20/20 ~7.8k dmg, 9sec debuff: -35%Atk. Spd.
Frozen Snare JP 30/30 8 sec Snare (target can't move) and DOT, ~300 dmg/tick, CD=50sec.
Time Walker JP 10/10 Passive: Chance to cast 5sec hold on attackers.
Snow Slide Winder JP 10/10 Passive: Chance to reduced CD on Snow Slide by 10 sec every time a target is killed within exp range.
Frozen Snake JP 10/10 Passive: Chance (when attacked) to cast self-buff of +20 Int. +10 Move Speed. May stack up to 3X.
Shining Armor JP 10/10 Decrease incoming Damage by 9%  lasts 30min
Shining Weapon JP 20/20 +160 Additional Damage to P&M.Atks, CD=15sec

Right Column: Support
Icon Name Price Level Description
Minor Mass Restoration 1 TP
per lvl
2/2  Party Heal Over Time: all members including people and pets get 1 tick every 3 seconds for 31 seconds, +~278HP/tick
Angel of Healing 1 TP 1/1 Heal travels from one target to another, 1140HP recovered, up to 8 targets, distance 10m, heal can stack, CD=6sec.
Angel of Healing Training JP 3/3 Looks like it does the same thing as "Angel of Healing"

Barrier of Neutralization JP 10/10 All party members within (10m?) Barrier become immune to all P.Atk damage for 3 seconds. (see video below)
Rapid Heal JP 30/30 ~5294HP recovered, 4sec CD
Restoration JP 19/20  31sec Heal Over Time, ~700HP ever 3sec, + initial ~1140 HP, CD = 1sec.
Magic Synchronization JP 10 15 sec debuff that lowers target's M.Atk. and increases your M.Atk. by 400, CD = 1min.
Blessing of Wisdom JP 16/16 +48 wis, +240 M.Def.  lasts 30min
Blessing of Vitality JP 16/16 +48 Vit. +240 P.Def.  lasts 30min

Deva Racial Buffs
Icon Name Price Level Description
Minor Restoration JP 5/7
+11.3 P. & M. Accuracy
Buff: +14.4 P. & M. Accuracy, duration = 30m, CD = 15s
MP: 385
Force of Nature JP 7/7 Heal Over Time: 2% of max HP per tick for 17s, CD=10m
MP:  565

New, Better Buffs!

Thanks Blender for posting the (top image) skill tree (updated since re-balancing). Thanks Kwon for translating the skills (below). Thanks to those who made the other vidoes and Anira for the above image of buffs.

Left Column:

Middle Column:

Right Column:

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