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Master Classes

Race Icon 2nd Job Icon Master Class


Soul Breeder
Master Breeder




Beast Master 

Battle Kahuna
War Kahuna


Shadow Hunter

Battle Summoner

Chaos Magician
Void Mage

The above links contain errors, which I will not correct (unless someone pays me).
For updated information see Master Class Skill Trees @ RAD-Community.

Information on Master Class Armor, Weapons and Helmets is also available.

Icon Class Equipment
Warrior Master Class
Warrior Master Class
Warrior Gloves
Warrior Boots
Warrior Shields
Universal Belt

Icon Weapon Name Link:
2h Staff Chaos Ancient Master Class

2h Spear Dragon's Loathing
Dagger Blade of Knife
Cross Bow Red Load Bow
Long Bow Keep Eyes Teeth
2h Sword Sword of Dignity
2h Mace Immortal Gr

2h Axe Gaia Energy
1h Axe Gaia Vigor
1h Mace Dragon Heart
1h Sword Grupang

How to Make a Master Class Weapon

Combine the following three things for a chance to produce a random weapon:
This combination fails regularly - producing nothing. I would estimate the success rate at around 25%.

1.) 300 extreme powers.

2.) A NPC item from any merchant:(10 to 100m depends on the server)

3.) A item that has a chance of forming when using the Witch's Grinder (merchant npc item):

Set Bonuses for Master Class Equipment
(Boots, Gloves, Armor, Weapon):

+10% Strength
+10% Vitality
+10% Physical Attack
+10% Critical Ratio
+1500 Max HP

+10% Dexterity
+10% Agility
+10% Attack Speed
+10% Magical Accuracy
+10% Physical Accuracy
+1500 Max HP

+10% Intelligence
+10% Wisdom
+10% Magical Resistance
+10% Magical Defense
+10% Magical Accuracy
+1000 Max MP

+10% Dexterity
+10% Wisdom
+10% Magical Defense
+10% Cast Speed
+10% Magical Resistance
+1000 Max MP

Master Class Equipment lacks Ethereal stats, but Enchanting Bonuses for all Master Class Equipment is slightly less than for D2 equips: Click image to enlarge

For a more complete comparison see the Dura-Enchanting Comparison

Below is an explanation of what master classes are and how the Talent Point system works.

Master Classes have been implemented on the Korean Test Server and appear in the user interface as a new tab in the skill tree window (much like second job change).

This information has been translated from Korean and is subject to change.

What is a Master Class?

Master Classes are extensions of the 2nd job changes, which have higher max levels of certain skills along with several new skills.

2nd Job Change skills get reduced to make way for Master Classes.

 Master Classes will be stronger than 2nd Job Changes were previously.

How To Become A Master Class 

The Witch Quest Part 2 line must be completed (= 148+) before beginning the Master Class Trials.
There are 38 trials and only 30 need to be completed. A party is allowed to assist you with the Trials, but the more people are in your party, the more Trials must be completed.
 The trials are in a new "Vault of Lies" type place.
Video of some of the Trials:

End of the Trials:

After completing the necessary number of the 38 Trials (not all are required) a new window in the Skill Tree Window will be activated:

Master Classes
Figure 1: Master Class Tab of a Shadow Hunter's Skill Tree.

Talent Points

The first two (top 2) skills in each column require Talent Points (TP) instead of Job Points (jp) to activate them, and the rest of the skills in each column cannot be used until the preceding skills are leveled.

How to get Talent Points:

1.) Two Talent Points are awarded to a character when Master Class status is achieved.

2.) One Talent Point is awarded for reaching level 151.

3.) New Quests will be added that give Talent Points.

4.) Currently on the KTS there are temporary quests that give 2 TP (max 5 TP currentlyon KTS), which is not enough to max all Master Class skills.

New Skills

The new Master Class skill window is broken down in the below Picture (Figure 2), which will be referenced shortly as Rows 1, 2, 3, and Section 4.

Master Classes
Figure 2: Sections of the Master Class Skill Tree

1.] Row 1 contains a skill which must be leveled inorder to unlock anything in its column (Row 2, 3, and Section 4). Lvl 1 = only five out of ten skill levels are unlocked in that column. Note that the skills labeled A and B (which do not have columns) do NOT require TP but JP, and are extensions of the 2nd skill tree. When I say "Row 1 skill" I don't mean A or B. B is higher level racial buffs. A is a (possibly) a self buff.

2.] Row 2 requires 1 TP to max and seems to be similar to its prerequisite Row 1 skill. Row 2 does NOT need to be leveled for Section 4 to be activated. However, the Row 3 skill cannot be activates without row 2 (or so it seems).

3.] Row 3 consists of Passive skills which require JP not TP.

4.] Section 4 = Class specific skills - some are extensions of 2nd Job Change skills, as some are entirely new. All skills in this section are NEW!!!! (see below picture - Figure 3 - for SH skill extensions)

How to Get the New Skills

The below picture (Figure 3) has 5 TP used:

2 TP were used to level the skill in Row 1, Left column.
2 TP were used to level the skill in Row 1, Middle column.
1 TP was used to level the skill in Row 2, Left column.
The passive skill in Row 3, Left column did NOT require require TP (so JP were probably used).

Notice how all of the skills in Column 3, Section 4 are available without the skills in Column 2 or 3 being activated.

Talent Points
Figure 3: Circled Skills have been activated

Video of Talent Point System by Kwon:

The NPC that does 2nd job changes also will reset your character's TPs for a fee:
There are two CS items that will reset TP or the NPC cost of TP resets 
(see the page linked to at the bottom of this post for more info)

Master Class Mount
Only one mount will be added: the white tiger will have 270 Move Speed.

The 3 day white tiger will be avialable from the Hidden Village adventure guide for 550,000 ruppies.

Thanks Rappelz Studio for posting the pictures on Facebook:

Thanks slash 1228 for explaining on the rappelz US forum how Master Classes work.


  1. Thanks for all of that guys!! That made me understand the whole thing. =D Well explained, and so kwl!!

  2. why does the evoker have better skills? examples would be nice please

  3. Im not certain, but the new Gaia skills (from the epic 7 part 3 post of mine) both reduce incoming and increase damage output: combine that with the already Overpowered evoker (and possibly permanent dual summon) should be insane.

  4. (Sealed Targets may now be attacked, petrified, or Yacked.)

    ( Targets may now be attacked while its petrified, and attack stops when Yacked or AOE petrification.

    slash from US

  5. will its obvious form the skill tree shown you can predict what types of skills will be given to other jobs at the same class in master class ^^

  6. oh. no post for SB? they'll gonna be failure class again?

  7. Good question. All I have seen is a screenshot of the skill tree (not very enlightening).

  8. Anything new about assasin skills?? it still not update thanks.

  9. Sry, no. It will be updated as soon as the info comes out.

  10. seem all skill is fully explain thanks you guys

  11. wtf lich has a skill that does dot of 100k per tick????

  12. The first picture is Hunter Armor, 3rd armor is warrior (character on mount)

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