Thursday, May 5, 2011

Growth Pot Quest Guide (level 50+)

 This is where the level 50+ Growth Pot Quest Line starts: Boss Ross

You really don't need this guide. The quests are extremely simple. I just made it for kiks and giggles.

You're Fired!

"Friendly Reminder"

"Work Order"

"Shell Shocked"

Here: Cherry Blossom Road

"Getting Personal"

Jill's Book

"Uncovering the Truth"

"Return to Henry"

"Disenchanting the Scroll"

"Revealing the Scroll"

"You're Really Fired!"

Boss Ross will have another quest

"It's Not Too Late To Apologize!"

Notice: there is a Growth Pot as a reward (it is Non-tradeable, and Non-whearhouseable).


  1. Hey Thanks for this post, i relized you havnt been posting much lately, so you could keep us posted about Epic 7 Part3 news that the developers are sharing on facebook. Just an idea, im writing here because i didnt find where i could contact u :) Regards Chio

  2. In the top right hand column there is a link to the "About/Contact" page, which has my e-mail. Ill think about it.

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