Friday, April 15, 2011

Witch Quest Part 2 Guide (Hero Hector to Templar Basement)

Before you start:
1. Set Horizon as your return point.
2. Get the 1 week Free Hidden Village Pass coupon code if you haven't already used it.
3. Decide whether you would rather run/tele or return feather between the Templar Headquarters and Hero Hector. If you are going to return feather - read ahead a little.
4. If you decide to teleport back and forth between Hero Hector and Templar Headquarters, the best teleport locations are; Lizardman's Habitat for Pope Lucian, and Woholla Cemetary for Hero Hector.

When you are ready to begin;
The Witch Quest Part 2 begins at Hero Hector, who is located at the Dead Spirit's Altar (East of Horizon). If you are 138+, Hector will have a quest for you called, "Reporting to the Pope;"

Pope Lucian of Templar Headquarters will have another quest for you, "Receiving the Reward."

Merely talk to Pope Lucian straight away, and you will complete the quest. Next Light Pope Lucian will give the quest, "A Hero's Medal."

Return to Hero Hector, and he will give you a quest that requires speaking to him (Hero Hector again) strait-away; "The Truth of the Slain Witch."

Hector will give you another quest that requires talking to him again, "The True Witch."

Next Hero Hector will give you the quest, "Hunting Fanatics," and teleports you to the Experimental Magic Field when you accept the quest.

I needed help (duo) to kill the fanatics. The fanatics will spawn where-ever you are - every minute or so.  Don't stand in one place or go afk! Also, come prepared since you will have to go back and re-take the quest if you don't kill them fast enough.

Return to Hero Hector, who will give you the quest, "Finishing the Job." 

When you accept this quest you will be teleported to Sirag Ruins, and mobs will spawn just like at the Expirmental Field.

Hero Hector will have another quest, "The Crystal."

Talk to Hector immediately (DON'T see Pope Lucian), and he will give the quest, "The Truth of the Voices."

Again talk to hector and he will give you the quest, "The Residue." 

Upon accepting "The Residue," you will be teleported to the Templar Headquarters. Collect the below statue two times.

When the quest is complete, DON'T go back to Hero Hector! Merely open the Quest window, and confirm you have completed it. Upon doing that you will be instantly teleported to the below location and given a new quest, "Breaking the Enchantment."

The instructions are rather confusing until the below situation is understood.

When it says; 
At 3 hour(s) and 13 Minute(s), the righteous healed the wounds of the weak.
At 4 hour(s) and 12 minutes(s), the tears of purity bring light to the darkness.

What it really means is: 

Go to the square that I am standing on in the above picture (3hrs and 1 min), and walk west until the "Clock in your mind" reads "3hrs and 4 minutes."


The"At 4 hour(s) and 12 minute(s), the tears of purity bring light to the darkness," means stay on whatever hour you are on (3 in this case), and walk to the 12 minute mark (3h, 12 min) - then walk strait to the 4h and 12 min square. 

This will repeat itself several times. When it is complete, open the quest window, click confirm.
Another Quest will appear in your list, "The Dimensional Gate."

Don't enter the Dimentional Gate unless you are a R7 tank, or have fgmbs and wish to use them. 

The Witch Quest Part 2 continues Beneath Templar Headquarters.


  1. I can't wait to actually get 138 so I can do this ^^!! I will definitely use this guide in the future :D

  2. if i abandone quest where do i get it ?

    1. i abandone myn and i dont know what to do now ;(

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  4. Templar Headquarters () Breaking the Enchantment I abandoned it by wrong what can I do to retake it again