Saturday, April 16, 2011

Witch Quest Part 2 Guide (The Vault of Lies)

Prerequisite Quests are given by Hero Hector (the guide starts there)
You will need a full party of high r6/r7 people to complete most of the following quests. A few quests near the beginning may be duoed, but the quests get progressively more difficult.

I made a MAP of this area.

If I were to do this over again I would Level an additional 2-3 levels BEFORE completing this quest line. No-One wants a 148-149 person in their r7 DP. It is a LOT easier to find a DP at 138 than 148.

Press Ctrl+F to search for your quest by name.

Once inside (mobs camp entrance) you will receive another quest, "The Corrupted Church."

Complete it, and go to Ancient Priest Ponet (see below), who will give you "Interrogation."

Next, talk to Ancient Priest Recna (who is right there) to get, "Ambush!" The mobs are on the Eastern Platform.

Next she will give; "Look Right Here."

Talk to Ancient Priest Recna and at least pretend to have read it:

Next you will get, "The Witchhunt Continues."

These are found on the South Platform, which is know as the Bioweaving Lab.

Complete it and you will get, "Hearing Voices Again?"

Complete the quest through going to the the north-most platform, which is the Bioweaving lab, and you will get another quest: "One Man's Trash..."

Search through the Piles of Refuse there in the Bioweaveing Lab:

Next you will get, "Waste Disposal," which requires killing the Waste Shredder. Hehe. I just now (while writing this guide) realized the nice pun of the quest name.

The Waste Shredder spawns there in the Northern Bioweaving Lab: 1hr respawn time.

You will receive a 4 hour timed pet called an, "Abomination." It is quite strong for its level, but I found my 120 Blue Pixie to be MUCH more helpful. 

Next is the "Neurology Lab" quest.

Go through this portal Tank First.

Upon arrival, the quest "The Banshee" is given. This boss has a 1hr respawn time. 

Here it is: the Deafening Banshee.

Next is, "We've Got Company!"

The Mobs to be killed are a little south:

The following quest is, "The Dark Knight."

Here he is:

"Memory Extraction"

Search this Container.

The following quest is, "The Sapient Spire."

 I got confused about this one. I think we killed a mob in the Mental Probing Chamber (center) that dropped the quest item.

Feel free to use the portal there in the Mental Probing Chamber; it goes to the Library Core, which is safe.

Next is; "The Needle Fragment"

Kill mobs there in the Mental Probing Chamber until one drops a Needle Fragment.

If you fail to find the Needle Fragment withing the allotted 10 minutes, merely give up the (failed) quest, find the crystal/feather item in you inventory, and double click it to regain the 2nd quest. If this doesn't work, try running around in the Vault of lies (nearby).

Complete that quest and use the portal there in the Mental Probing Chamber.
"The Library" is next:

"Pillar of Light"

They are obvious: double click em

"Vision of Peace"

"Vision of Magic"

"Vision of Sealing"

"Vision of Truth"

"The Beginning of the End"

"Knightly Knight"


"The Failed Experiment:" kill the Experimental Witch - she has powerful AOEs.

Here she is:

"The Northern Wing"

Only this item will complete the quest (I think).

"Destroying Perfection"

We had a 155+ champ tank for us (thankyou Blastorious).

"The Last Wing"

Collect this book:

"The Birth of Corruption"

They are in the East and West Rooms

"Resurrection Chamber"

This is the portal: only enter it when you are ready to kill "Mirror Images"

The portal will send u back into the room with a new quest, "Resistance"

The Mirror Images should be there in the room (see below). Kill them to get, "Resurrection Chamber"

Use this portal again.

"The Pod" is located at the North end of the room.

"Lucian's Demise"

This boss is a lot like the Sand-Lord Dungeon Boss. I couldn't hit him more than 25% of the time.
It took 2 parties with many R7s to kill Lucian: note the next quest must be completed within 14 minutes of killing Lucian. If you fail to kill Brighton's Dark Prophet (2nd boss in this room) within 14 minutes, merely give up the (failed) quest, find the crystal/feather item in you inventory, and double click it to regain the 2nd quest.

"The Final Battle"

He dropped some epic stones!

Completing "The Final Battle" will teleport you back to Hero Hector, who gives "Hector's Secret."

"Witch Burning"

The End!

Next begin the Master Class Trials.


  1. Im still on those Magma priest -.-'

  2. MY GOD. you went from 138 to 148? O_O. DANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Now I see why everyone complains about these witch quests .. lol.

  3. The quest for The Last Wing glitched up on me (collecting the item a bajillion times didn't complete it, also tried other items in the room just in case) so I hit Give Up hoping it would reset. Now the quest is gone and it won't reappear. What can I do?

  4. If you fail a quest, merely give up the (failed) quest, find the crystal/feather item in you inventory, and double click it to regain the 2nd quest. If that doesn't work, try running around in the Vault of lies (near where the quest is/was give).

  5. ive done tis but at the end hector didnt do nothin n wont let me do mc quest

  6. @ Hustler: Are you level 148? that is the minimum level for master class quests.

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