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How To Get An Ice Maiden

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One must be level 130+ in-order to begin the quest line which gives a tamed Ice Queen Pet.

There are many quest lines on Veiled Island, however, only one of them will give you an Ice Queen Pet at the end. This tutorial will keep you on the strait and narrow path to your very own Ice Maiden.

Note: I have typed the names of (I think) every quest in the Ice Maiden quest chain. Press Ctrl+F to search for your quest (if its in this line/guide). Also, manny of the pictures exist primarily for the mini-map in the top right corner.

Please leave some feedback for me in the comments section. I did not stay on this one quest line, but did many other VI quests in parallel to this one, so don't watch my exp bar too closely (yes, I meant to leave it in the pictures).

Here is where to start: Guard Kaydog. He is located just north of the TOA entrance, and gives the quest: "The Big Bad Calman."

Barikan is Located SE of the quest's start location and has a 1 hr respawn:

Hand in the Quest to Guard Kaydog (where you got it), and accept the next one: Commander Alphonse

Go North 10 ft to Commander Alphonse in the same camp (see next pic); He will give you another quest: Nakibu

Nakibu is in the same group of NPCs there in the Explorers' Camp. He will give you the quest: "Hungry Hungy Nabiku," which requires collecting fish in the Frozen Kaia Lake to the east.

Here I am collecting fish in Frozen Kaia Lake:

Nakibu will have another quest:  Birds of a Feather - To get the feathers just kill the birds around the Explorers' Camp.

Nabiku will give you yet another quest: Trimming Claws. Kill wolves toward the lake (east) to get the claws.

Next, Nabiku will want you to do a quest called, "Prove Yourself." Kill Giant Yeti in the center of the Frozen Kaia Lake; they are unmistakable.

Then next quest Nabiku gives is called  "Fetch, Boy" and is a little bit tricky.

Here are the Nania Breeding Grownds (below): Nabiku's Pack is not here.

Nabiku's Pack is here: South of the Nania Breeding Grounds.

After giving Nabiku his Pack, he will not have any quests for you. However, Commnder Alphonse (also in the  Exporers' Camp), will have a quest for you called "Cheif Explorer Kane."

Carefully cross the Frozen Kaia Lake (run, don't mount unless you are crazy) and turn in the quest.

Chief Explorer Kane will have another quest for you called "Explorer Chesha."
Explorer Chesha is an NPC East of Barikun. Talk to her and she will give the quest, "Mining for Information."

Collect Mineral Outcrops to complete this quest:

Explorer Chesha will take your Rock Chunks and give you the quest, "Warm Blooded."

Chief Explorer Kane is located at the group of NPCs NE of Frozen Kaia Lake and will give you the quest "Cat's Advice," which is self-explanatory.

Nakibu will give you the quest "Living Minerals."

"Living Mineral" requires the gathering of Strange Minerals, which may only be found at one spot (to my knowledge).

Hand in the Living Minerals quest to Nakibu back at the Exlorers' Camp and get the next quest, "The Story of Kaia." For this quest merely click through (or read like I didn't) his story. Next Nakibu will give you a boss killing quest, "Love is a Battlefield."

Kill either of the two bosses (Shier or Terjahn) which live in SE VI as seen in the mini-map below.

However, you may run into issues with the 1 hr re-spawn time like I did. Make the most of it.

Currently, the bosses here are bugged so that they drop 2 Fragment's of Kaia's Heart for everyone in the party. This is nice since the next quest asks for a second fragment. Merely kill either Shier or Terjahn, get the next quest, and come back before the quest items disappear (20 min?) and there will be no need to kill/wait for another boss.

The 2nd Kaia's Heart Quest: "The Final Piece."

I love this bug! I return feathered from the Explorers Camp, and Tele-Feathered to a Pty Member at the scene of the crime.

After handing in "The Final Peice," Nakibu gives the quest "Kill Draka!"

Draka is locate at not far from South of Shier and Terjahn in SE VI:

Next, Nabiku gives the quest "Might of the Goddess" and teleports you to the lobby of TOA.

Kill Betrayal (1hr spawn time) to continue. PS - whichever party attacks/chips a boss first will get the quest completed - regardless of who does the most damage. My party killed Betrayal after some 2 people chipped it...and didn't get the quest. An hour of waiting ingrained this fact in my mind.

Next, Nakibu gives the quest "Will of the Goddess" and teleports you to the lobby of TOLS.

Running to Ashmaw is dangerous. Run strait North to the top of the minimap of the dungeon, turn left/west, then south to get to the Boss room (below).

Next Nakibu gives the quest "Judgement of the Goddess;" kill Sand Lord Kynish in TOExile. Nakibu will teleport you to the lobby of TOE when you accept the quest.

This is where I am in the quest line: Sand Lord has a crazy AOE stun that does like 6k hp damage 360 degrees. The biggest issue with killing Sand Lord is his hp regen. Several R7s capable of bleeding him are necessary. However, Sand lord may drop up to 16 quest items at a time.


After killing Sand Lord, Nakibu will give you the quest "Fury of the Goddess," and teleport you to the Snow-Field Basin.

You will find yourself looking at this portal, which goes to the Dragon's Nest (the only enterance/exit).

[insert image here]

Have a tank go through first since there are usually 185 mobs on the other side. This is Obsidikar (below) a 185 boss.

After killing Obsidikar, Nakibu will give you the quest, "Breaking the Ice," which requires collecting one of the pillars in the Ice lake (by clicking on it) along with killing 4 Ice Oforia.

Kill these guys 4X (not hard with a good tank/healer), since the Ice Dragons don't AOE.

Next Nakibu will give you the quest, "Kaia."

Go to the center of the Ice field to this tree:

Destroy the tree by having everyone in the party double click on it consecutively (like the ice pillars). The tree will vanish, and Kaia will appear nearby (on same island).

Hand in the quest, and you will receive a fresh tamed Ice Maiden

Thankyou to all of the countless people who helped me with these quests!

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If you wish to continue on Veiled Island, RAD Community has a nice guide.


  1. bah im lvlv 128, do i have to be 130 to start it ? If yes, is there any other quests that comes with this epic that i can do to get to lvl 130 faster?

  2. You have to be lvl 130 to start. There are no quests that came with E7P2 that also have a min lvl below 130. sry ~_~

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