Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enchanted Genie

(thanks Pik19130 for sharing this video)

Evo 2 Genie (Guru)

Evo 3 Genie (Djini)
Genie New Skin

Enchanted Genies obtain a self-buff skill (at lvl 55/evo2) called "Wind Lash," which includes a honeycomb sphere in its animation (see below) that goes from top to bottom. The Self-Buff "Wind Lash" does Two things:

1.) Increases ncreases P. Def. & M. Def. (+12 P.Def. / M.Def. (Lvl 1), each additional Lvl +12, up to a max of lvl 5, stage = max level)

2.) When the Genie (with the self-buff activated) is attacked there is a chance
(Chance 6% (level 1), each additional Lvl +2%) to activate

Wind Lash

Genie skill Honeycomb

Genie skill Honeycomb

Thankyou Corsal for posting pics here

Stage 1 Genie

Thankyou to jk60I for uploading this video.

 Video of S1 Genie in PvP (R7):

Thankyou mfcharliebucket for uploading it.

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