Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Enchanting Pets

This Post Explains:
What Enchanting Pets does.
What the chances of enchanting are.
How Pet Enchanting is done (w/ video).
How to Repair Enchanted Pet's Durability (w/ video).

What is Pet Enchanting? 
Pet Enchanting (also known as staging) is the combining of Two tamed pets into One stronger pet (also tamed). The new stronger pet has several advantages over unenchanted  pets:  

1.)  One new skill at level 55 (higher lvls of this skill require higher stages)
2.)  Two New Passives that only word against specific types of mobs
3.)  Higher base stats (str, vit, etc)
4.)  1% (or so) better Belt Stats per stage
5.)  Improved Unities upon reaching lvl 145 (1 lvl unity per stage).
6.)  Additional item slots in the creature formation window:
         a.) all Staged pets get a Third Equipment Slot, which can only hold a ring sealed in a unit card.
         b.) Stage 3 and higher pets gain One Artifact Slot.
         c.) Stage 5 pets gain a Second Artifact Slot.
7.) Most pets have a new look after they are staged (usually purplish/darker colored)
8.) Enchanted pets also get more job points, but these job points will be used up obtaining the new skills.  
The new skills, passives, and belt stats of the most common pets are described in the following posts: T1 Basic Pets  T2 Normal Basic Pets

Disadvantages to enchanting pets include:

a.) Chance of Failure - Failing an enchantment results in one pet being destroyed (the pet that is NOT in the top slot is always the one destroyed). 

b.) Durability (dura) is a symptom of enchanting pets: each time the staged pet dies it looses dura, which must be recharged or it will eventually break. See below for how to repair pet dura. 

c.) Fewer Pets exist after one is destroyed - regardless of whether the Staging succeeds. This might not matter for a T1 Pantera, but for a hawk or genie it has enormous implications.

d.) Enchanted Pets are reset to level 1 - all that leveling before combining disappeared into increasing your odds of success.

What are the Chances of Pet Enchanting?
The chances of enchanting a pet depends on the levels of the pets being combined and on what stage the pet is already.

Stage being attempted         Chance of making (Estimate)               
               1                                       90%
               2                                       80%
               3                                       65%
               4                                       45%
               5                                       30%
*this data is not known to be accurate - only representative of a small sample, and how Enchanting gets harder with higher stages.

How to Enchant a Pet

The following video demonstrates how to Enchant Pets.
1.) If Enchanting succeeds, the new Staged Pet will emerge fresh (level 1) from the process.
2.) The higher level pet should be placed in the top slot - if enchanting fails the other pet will be consumed.

How to Repair an Enchanted Pet's Durability

Rappels Pet durability is recharged through combining the low dura or broken card with an empty card (same kind) and a Soul Shifter. Broken pets may be restored to full durability (100) through combining them with an empty pet of the same kind and a Soul Shifter. Don't recharge staged pets unless you have to - the cost and result are the same for re-charging 10% durability or 100% (broken pet - see video).


  1. The tier has an impact on staging success, as well as the level of both cards involved. There seems to be a formula that heightens the staging chance of success based on level, scaled by tier.

    T1 pets seem to follow the following pattern.
    Both s0 cards should be 15+ before attempting s1.
    Both s1 cards should be 20+ before attempting s2.
    Both s2 cards should be 30+ before attempting s3.
    Both s3 cards should be 45+ before attempting s4.
    Both s4 cards should be 65+ before attempting s5.

    Using this formula, I have observed a 100% staging success rate for T1 cards. When considering T2 cards, however, the levels must be scaled to achieve similar results.

    Both s0 cards should be 20+ before attempting s1.
    Both s1 cards should be 30+ before attempting s2.
    Both s2 cards should be 40+ before attempting s3.
    And I have yet to attempt staging a T1 past s3.

    If both pets are leveled according to the formulas I have described, it is likely the success rate is boosted to near 100%.

    Some details about my character. He is an Evoker. I always wear the best luck rings I can when attempting to stage, including the Bear Mother card to further boost luck. While the JOKER pet passives could further increase the success rate of staging, I do not own one yet.

  2. Thanks for adding that info. Some people believe that only the level of the pet in the main slot matters. The Joker pet passives only affect the chance of staging if the Joker is placed in the combination window and consumed in the process. I am fairly certain that a character's Luck stat does not affect staging success.

  3. I have been performing more tests on pet enchanting, this time focused around T2 pets (primarily staging Octopus pets). Based on information gathered through trial and error, I have updates to my previous level scale.

    Both s0 cards should be 30+ before attempting s1.
    Both s1 cards should be 40+ before attempting s2.
    Both s2 cards should be 50+ before attempting s3.
    Both s3 cards should be 75+ before attempting s4.

    Now for other supporting information.

    Yes, if only one pet is leveled and used as the primary, with a level 1 of the correct stage used as combination fodder, the success rate seems to be only slightly lowered. Leveling both to the needed level does seem to boost success slightly beyond just using a leveled pet as primary and fresh as fodder, however.

    Luck rings (and the Bear Mother card luck boost on the belt) does indeed have an effect while staging. As little as a +24 luck boost seems to have a measurable impact on staging success rate.

    While I do not own a Joker myself, research indicates that the Joker passive "Clown's Sociability" does indeed boost success rate of staging attempts. For this to work, the summoner must have taught the Clown's Sociability passive to the Joker and have it actively summoned while attempting to stage cards; this passive boost is supposedly very low.

    I will continue to share information as I explore and test my theories.

  4. Luck increases crit, thats it. Dont spread false info. And im pretty sure your "theories" turns out to be correct in your mind simply because you want them to be :D I wouldnt give BBPages testing any credit or value.

  5. stages = 25, 45, evo 2, R4, R6 :)

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