Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ice Maiden

The Ice Maiden, sometimes called the Ice Queen, is a non-tamable mob, which the recently added level 130 quests give as a reward a tamed Ice Maiden! I made a tutorial post: How to get an Ice Maiden. Below is a video of young evo 1 Ice Princess. Thankyou daytekpate for posting this video.

I cannot find the original poster of the following images, but if you click the image it will take you to the forum page where I found it.

 Evo. 1

Snow Queen evo. 1

Evo. 2
Snow Queen evo. 2

Evo. 3
Snow Queen evo. 3

Here is a video of the Evo 1 Ice Queen in Action:

The Ice Queen  is Tier 4 like the Angel, Naga, Etc.

Note: useing skills in a DP may cause people to disconnect; this is probably because rappelz closes whenever it uses too much ram (rumor).

Snow Queen
(45)Level 5 = +98 M.Atk. + 6.6 Cast speed
(95)Level 10 = +161 M.Atk. + 12.2 Cast speed
(145)Level 15 = +224 M.Atk. + 17.8 Cast speed

Ice Needles
Ice Needles
Lvl 10 = 3776 M.Atk
Cooldown: 8 Second

Freezing Blast
Cobalt Ice
Lvl 10 = 3986 M.Atk
10 second de-buff: Mov.Spd.-23%
Cooldown: 15 Second

Glacier Smash
Glacier Shards
Lvl 5 = 1049 M.Atk
2 Second Stun
Cooldown: 1 Minute

Ice Spear
Ice Spear
Cooldown: 1 Minute 30 seconds.

Cold Heart (Level 150 Skill)
Cold Heart
Increases the Max Skill Level of the Active Skills (by 2 I think).
Duration: 8 min
Cooldown: 10 min

Aura of Ice  (Staged level 55Skill)
Queen of Ice
Self-Buff: +120 P.Def/M.Def, Chance to Hold for 7-10 seconds;
Stage 1 = 6% chance (when attacking)
Stage 5 = 15%
Duration: 8 Minutes
Cooldown: 10 Minutes
[at level 10 (stage 5)]

At levl 145 Staged pets naturally get 1 lvl extra unity per stage -> S5 Ice Maiden would get 5 levels from this alone + the (2 lvls ?) from the lvl 150 skill = lvl 22 unity? I am not certain that the unity is affected by the 150 skill.

Weapon Passives: Mage Armor and 2h staff.

Belt Stats:
Level 40 = +14% Int.
Level 90 = +14% M.Atk.

Thankyou to RAD Community and the Rappelz Forums for the above skill info.

You can see the entire skill tree below. It comes from a Korean Website.

The Unity for the Ice Queen is increased Magic Attack and Cast Speed.

Snow Queen evo 1 skill tree

Snow Queen evo 2 skill tree

Snow Queen evo 3 skill tree

The Ice Queen can be combined or staged to look like:

Ice Queen Staged Evo 3

Frost Jeweles

Ice Princess


Ice Queen Staged Evo 3

Empty Ice Maidens do drop so that Staged Ice Maidens may be repaired but like with the koala taming is impossible.

An Ice Queen boss exists on Veiled Island at the center of the frozen lake.

Snow Queen Boss Veiled Island

The latest news is that the Evo 3 Ice Maiden is called "Kaia" (below is for a different region)


Evo 2 = "Glacial Princess", and Evo 1 = "Arctic Damsel"

Freezia and Frost Jewels

This is the last boss you have to kill in the quest line that gives a tamed Kaia/Ice Maiden:


  1. 130 dungeon with 185 mobs? i dont think so hehe.

  2. I saw a video of the ice queen in the new 130 dungeon. This last photo may be elsewhere.

  3. Theres only 1 new dungeon and is lvl 170++ thats the dungeon for the witch quest and u can only get teleported there by doing quests =\
    There still no clear info since they always change stuffs for the USA server.
    Btw, I need to contact you soon to make a deal :)