Friday, December 24, 2010

Benefits of Staging T2 Pets

Staged T2 Pets get one Unique Skill at level 55:

Each Staged T2 Pet gets Two New Passives, but note that they only work against specific types of mobs as described below.

Staged T2 Pets get Improved Unities at Lvl 145 (that is a long time to wait):

Staged T2 Pets get Improved Belt Stats:

This Data has been compiled from the Rappelz Wiki, where this data is scattered through severl pages.


  1. Did you make all these yourself? Every post is so useful <3 I wish I could bookmark them all.

  2. For this Post I combined the data from many Wiki pages (link is in this post). Just combining it took several hours. I did it out of personal interest and then decided to share my work. I did a few posts about staged genies and angels etc. Those were (again) mostly other people's pictures etc, which I gathered from many different forum posts and compiled them into a sum that I hope is greater than the parts. Recently I made the R7 dura stats post completely on my own.

  3. Great site, but data in this: "Staged T2 Pets get Improved Belt Stats:" is inacurate. Especialy for pets with 2 bonusses (like orc or siren).

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