Saturday, December 4, 2010

How To Tame

Taming a pet requires several thing:

1.) An Empty Pet Card.
2.) A mob of the same type as the empty card.
3.) Ability to kill the mob.
4.) Creature Taming lvl 1
5.) Luck

Taming should have a few other things:

Level 10 Creature Taming 
              - this is a skill only available on petclasses
              - it is obtainable after the second job change
Creature Taming Card 
              - this skill card increases your chances of taming
              - the higher the + the better

Things to Remember
Taming is Random
              - some people get lucky and others do not
Taming is Expensive
              - it is usually cheaper to sell empty pets and shop around for cheap tamed pets

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