Friday, December 31, 2010

Rappelz Boss Cards

Boss Cards
Boss Cards are Ethereal (dura) Items that drop from Bosses and fill any Belt Slot. The above Table provides a summary of the Rappelz Boss Cards' properties.
Only one Boss card may be equipped at a time.

The Ursa Queen boss card effect will overwrite a lucky pot when activated.
Kiscia does not affect spirical charge. If I find another mistake in the table I will re-make the image (its getting annoying^^).
Primal Scream has been bugged for a while: it doesn't drop cards of any sort, not even boss cards.
In Epic 7 Part 3 the Aruru card will be weakened to heal only about 25% of what it currently does.

Repairing Durability
The "repair all" button does not fill boss card durability. To repair the durability of a boss card, place the boss card in the red box (above the ethereal charge-stone) of the Repair Box and select "repair."

If your boss card reaches Zero durability, it will break. I have heard that repairing it is possible: Combine the broken boss card with a Soul Shifter (from the Creature Enchanter) and it should be restored to 1 durability.

Drop Rate
The Drop Rate for Boss Cards is VERY LOW; probably less than 1%. Note that Boss Cards do drop during Time Attacks.

Search Auction House
To search the Auction House for Boss Cards, select the "Other" category, check the box "view equip-able items only," and hit search with no words.

Art Work

*Kaia and EUW do not have a boss card. perhaps developers cancelled it after including it in the artwork provided by rappelz-korea. Imagine all the ruckus that boss campers would have caused with the 130+ quests and the Kaia quest if these boss cards had been implemented.

Everyone who helped me correct errors in the above table.
Criminor for verifying the 3% activation rate on some cards.
to BattleMetaler for makeing the following videos:
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3


Baron Madius Card

The Poison stops MP regen and  does DOT.


Emmanuel Raymond Card

7 second silence; for some reason my Wisdom increased 11 (Have siren belts + wings).


Since Google can't read JPGs I include the following list:




Primal Scream




Ultimate Witch

Soul Seeker


Stormbringer Lucius



Lady Runina



Queen Eratia

Draka or Axeer



Queen Eva


Sand Lord Kynish


  1. Queen eva is in the ice Island. (forgot name sorry - -')

  2. Thank you so much! Most useful post ever :D


    The Obsidikar boss card is totally overpowered imo.
    All the mages in my guild have it, and it's absurd to duel them or to see them farm at CM.
    You see healers go around with a cloud of 30+ mobs just to activate the invincible buff, and meanwhile kill them with total relax...
    In pvp if they activate the selfbuff (vs att.speed builds = lol) you stand there and look while you die (unless you're a magical class).

    Raymond is nice for pvp (especially against single chars, no pets). Ashmaw for DP (debuffed mob/boss gets hit by all party members). Ursa boss card for farming. Aurumis for farm/dungeonsolo/whenever you might need heals and you're non-magic. Sand Lord for farm/pvp/dungeonsolo.
    Still have to see the Primal and Abhuva cards in action; they should be nice for ranged classes.

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