Saturday, June 9, 2012

Master Class Durability Names

D1: Primal
D2: Feral
D3: Bestial

D1: Frantic
D2: Intense
D3: Berserk

D1: Braced
D2: Reinforced
D3: Toughened

D1: Eerie
D2: Ghostly
D3: Spectral

D1: Careful
D2: Decisive
D3: Precise

D1: Safeguarding
D2: Fortifying
D3: Barricading

D1: Puncturing
D2: Rupturing
D3: Shattering

D1: Nimble
D2: Keen
D3: Elegant

+20 2h Axe:
D1: 4.1k P.Atk
D2: 5.3k P.Atk
D3: 6.7K P.Atk

Seems Magewall and Shields has their durability names switched. D1 magewalls has D2 names. D2 magewalls has D1 names. D2 shields has D3 names, D3 shields has D2 names. This does not only include the CritPower/Ratio durability, but all durability names are switched. Read more Here.

Thanks Verkade for posting the above info on the forums.

I enjoyed making the below table, which gives a general idea of enchanting rates.
Bottom to Top: ND, D1, D2, MC ND, MC D1, D3, MC D2, and MC D3 comparison.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons were recently added to Rappelz in E7P4. They have the same enchanting bonus as Non-Dura weapons, but they are Ethereal (or Durability) items. Do NOT believe all the descriptions of what they do: I bought a magewall shield that claims it "detects hidden enemies within 5m," but it didn't detect an cloaked assassin in duals (I tried repeatedly). Some equips do work as intended - as I have head that the r3 dirk that has a chance to bleed does in fact do that.

Legendary Weapons Drop in

Full descriptions of the legendary equips available are listed below.
New accessory sets were added with new set bonuses as described on RAD-Community.

TypeRank/DuraIconNameBonus Description
1h Sword3 / 93
Souleating BladeChance on attack to drain the enemy's mana. Wisdom +9.

5 / 130
Parsitic BladeStrength +21, P.Ignore +185, MAX HP -10%, +9 Int.


T2 / 181
Flesheating BladeP. Atk increase after killing an enemy. Stacks 3 times. Strength +27, MAX HP -5%.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Harvest Event

The harvest event items seem rather unintelligible.

Rad Community had the following explanation posted:

[28day] -> [24hr]
Bigos -> Altered Piece Of Strength
Schnitzel -> Altered Piece Of Vitality
Pizza -> Altered Piece Of Agility
Quiche Lorraine  -> Altered Piece Of Wisdom
Kebab->Altered Piece Of Intelligence
Bigos, Kebab, Schnitzle, Pizza & Kebab -> Stamina Saver

Talk to the event person in your town to convert the 28 day foods into 24hr Altered Peices or Stamina Saver.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Maps

Talent Point Quests Preview

Three Talent Points (TP) may be obtained from doing three quests after the Quests to become a Master Class. The max number of TP is 5.

Master Class Trials Preview

The Master Class Quests Begin at Hero Hector, where the Witch Quest Part 2 left off, and then goes immediately to the Master Class Quest Area:

Note: Completing ALL of the quests will unlock the Rigg and Rubin quest, which has a chance ~50% of giving an empty Golem. You do not personally have to do all the quests as long as someone who has done them all (and not finished Rigg and Rubin yet) is willing to summon the monsters for you. The Rigg and Rubin quest is available even after becoming a Master Class. (thanks to the person to brought this to my attention in the comment at the bottom)

Each of the four smaller platforms below corresponds with one of the four zones.

Vulcan (Instant Dungeon) Quest Preview

Each of the Major Towns has a Vulcan Quest NPC
Horizon: Union Member Quante
Investigating the New Gate
You must find 20 tiny souls (though killing field mobs your level) and click on a Vulcan entrance (no need to enter) to complete this quest.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Master Class Armor

Warrior Armor Male

Master Class Weapons

Icon Weapon Name Level 1 Stats Special Bonus
2h Staff Chaos Ancient P.Atk: 505
M.Atk: 950
+40% MP Recovery, +70 Int.
2h Spear Dragon's Loathing P.Atk: 801
M.Atk: 0
+4% P.Atk, +50 Wis.
Dagger Heartcarver P.Atk: 415
M.Atk: 400
+2% M.Atk, +15 Int.
Cross Bow Rubyflame Crossbow P.Atk: 585
M.Atk: 0
+4% Dexterity, +4% Agility
Long Bow Covetous Dragon P.Atk:1169
M.Atk: 0
+6% Dexterity
2h Sword King's Judgement P.Atk: 909
M.Atk: 0
+50% HP Recovery, +50 Vitality, and +50 Strength
2h Mace Minotaur's Fury P.Atk: 987
M.Atk: 585
+15 for all stats except luck

2h Axe Fury of the Titans P.Atk:1001
M.Atk: 346
+15% Crit. Ratio, -30 Crit. Power
1h Axe Taurus Cleaver P.Atk: 612
M.Atk: 266
+8% Crit. Ratio, -15 Crit. Power
1h Mace Dragon Heart P.Atk: 598
M.Atk: 426
+7 for all stats except luck
1h Sword Angel's Bloodletter P.Atk: 534
M.Atk: 0
+25% HP Regen, +20 Vitality, and +20 Strength
1h Staff Royal Kindness P.Atk: 319
M.Atk: 666
+20% MP Recovery, +35 Intelligence
Mage-wall Shield Mask of Mirror P.Atk: 0
M.Atk: 265
+4% Int, +35 Int
Regular Shield Ancient Dragon Shield Block.Def:
Block Perf
+3% Perf. Block, +20% Block Def.